Details of Event
2nd January – 7th January 2024
The Tops Conference Centre, Stanwell Tops 
Cost: $800 inc. GST
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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA)

2024 RYLA Applications Open Now!

RYLA is a life-changing program, providing an incredible opportunity to develop yourself as a leader alongside 75 participants. This will be a week of your life that you’ll never forget, and we’d love you to be involved!

What is RYLA?

RYLA is an amazing leadership program for young adults aged between 19 and 25. The  6 day program typically has 75 participants and focuses on leadership, personal development, teamwork and community awareness. RYLA features presentations from many experts who generously donate their time and experience to further the development of young leaders. The program combines workshops and presentations to fully explore the fundamentals of effective leadership.
All RYLA participants are generously sponsored to attend by a local Rotary club. RYLA costs $800 (inc GST) for each participant, and this cost is covered in full by Rotary - it really is an incredibly valuable opportunity!

Why should I attend RYLA?

RYLA is truly a life-changing experience. The program is an opportunity to understand yourself and others, and understand what it means to be a leader. You will form amazing connections with your fellow participants, and the impact on your life will go well-beyond the 6 days you spend together.

Who can attend RYLA?

Anyone who wishes to develop themselves as a leader can attend RYLA! The program is for people aged around 19 to 25, as this is a great time after High School to understand yourself more and what you want out of life. We are seeking anyone who wishes to make an impact on the community and is committed to ongoing learning.
Every RYLArian is generously sponsored in full by a local Rotary club. Your application must be approved by a sponsoring Rotary club, which will require an interview by the club. All successful applicants must present to their sponsoring Rotary Club after the program to provide feedback about their experience and also show their appreciation for this incredible opportunity.

Key information for Applicants

​​Please complete the BLUE sections in the official RYLA Application form.
If you have been nominated by a local Rotary club, please send this completed and signed form to the Rotary Club you have been speaking with.
If you have not been nominated by a local Rotary club, that’s ok! Your application will be included in a pool of applicants and we will find a Rotary club to sponsor you on your behalf. Please send this completed and signed form to, and the team will be in touch.

Key information for Rotary Clubs

Please share the RYLA Application form with any leader that you believe would be a great fit for RYLA.
Upon receipt of their Application, please complete the GOLD sections of the Application Form and send the completed form to
Payment instructions to the District bank account are also provided in the Application Form.