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District Conference 2022 18th to 20th March
Registrations for our District Conference 2022 are now open.
The event is being held at The Warwick, 355 Hume Hwy, Cabramatta NSW 2166.
Conference Presenters


CRAIG REUCASSEL - ''Being a Changemaker for a Sustainable World''

Craig Reucassel is an Australian television and radio comedian. He is known for being a member of satirical team The Chaser. He hosted the Australian version of Balls of Steel, which premiered in April 2011.
Since 2013, Reucassel and fellow Chaser Julian Morrow have been main presenters on the ABC program The Checkout. In 2017, Reucassel presented the four-part ABC TV series War on Waste which focused on clothing and food waste in Australia, its environmental impacts and what can be done to help reduce waste. This was followed by a second series in 2018, which focused on the use of plastics, and particularly 'single-use' plastics such as straws.
Content:  What can we do in our own life, our community, and our government to achieve positive environmental change? From waste to the climate, can small changes add up to much?



Judge Peter Johnstone's career as President of the NSW Children's Court and now Chief Magistrate of NSW has seen him encounter some of society’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged people, and in particular, children and young people. Judge Johnstone's presentation will look at the importance of applying the principles of prevention, early intervention, diversion and rehabilitation to the jurisdiction of youth crime, with a focus on recent developments in psychosocial science and adolescent brain development.
 In other words, he is going to tell us how the justice system can better serve young people.


Simon is an engineer and economist turned social entrepreneur. In 2007, after turning down his dream job offer as a corporate high-flyer, he moved from Australia to South Africa to immerse himself in his true passion: development aid. There he discovered that the biggest problem faced by NGOs and social entrepreneurs is a lack of funding.
Driven by a passion to use business to give back, in 2010, Simon had the idea to start a toilet paper company that builds toilets in the developing world. In 2012, he launched Who Gives A Crap with a crowdfunding campaign, agreeing to sit on a toilet on a live webfeed until he had pre-sold the first $50,000 of toilet rolls. The multi-award winning launch attracted global media attention and generated over $1 million of PR value.
Since launching, Who Gives A Crap has tripled in size year-on-year, primarily relying on word-of-mouth to fuel its growth. In five years, Who Gives A Crap donated more than $1 million, reaching a milestone in 2020 of $8.3 million.
Simon is also well known as the co-founder of Shebeen, a non-profit bar in Melbourne’s CBD that opened in February 2013 and ran for 3.5 years. Shebeen sold exotic beer and wine from the developing world, with 100% of the profit from each sale going to a development project in that drink’s country of origin.
Simon is one of Australia’s most prominent social entrepreneurs. His work has been covered by countless media outlets around the world, including The Huffington Post, MTV and The Stanford Social Innovation Review.




The first Men’s Table was established in 2011. Since 2019 this simple, accessible and proven model has been taken to the Australian community with over 40 Tables now established. The Men’s Table is a fast growing registered charity supporting community building and preventative men’s mental health.

In partnership with The National Mental Health Commission, they have investigated the evidence behind men’s social isolation and loneliness, lack of meaningful friendships, reluctance about seeking help and the stigma of outdated masculine norms and how these issues can be addressed.

They bring a fresh, energetic, and real world storytelling approach to the issues and opportunities associated with men’s mental health and community building. Women strongly engage and relate with their stories and have proven to be big supporters of men having safe spaces to share feelings and connect authentically with other men.



What does the flight attendant say?
Yes, we all know the answer: “Put the oxygen on ourselves before helping others.” In the pace of modern life, it’s easy to forget to look after our most important asset – ourselves. While ‘It’s All About You’ is a ton of fun, people also leave with a swag of immediate actions to take care of themselves and to feel their best. Many improve their health and work/life balance and that’s great, but it’s more than that. Being resilient, being a leader, being a parent, being a partner, being a team member, being an environmental citizen, making a difference – it’s the consistent small day to day actions that make the biggest difference to our long-term performance and quality of life, personally and professionally.  That’s the big take away that has people talking. How do we, as Rotarians, take care of ourselves so that we can take care of others?
Charles Allen is Vice President of Rotary Club of Sydney (RCS). He joined the Rotary family in 2010 as a Rotary Peace Fellow. Previously a member of Rotary Club of Melbourne, a Paul Harris fellow, a member of the Peace and Conflict Prevention Technical Cadre’, and a committee member of the Peace Centres Major Gifts Initiative. Unsurprisingly his Rotary interests centre on Peace and Conflict Prevention area of focus. Charles is active in recruiting and supporting Rotary Peace Fellows and active in the RCS Peace group. He supported RCS being recognised as a Peace Builder club and engages in Rotary peace projects globally. He was recently asked by RI President Mehta to advise the 2022 Rotary Presidential Peace Conference Committee. Charles is Director of Partnerships with the Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) and directly manages the Rotary/IEP strategic partnership. Prior to his peace building career he was a Superintendent in Victoria Police with a policing career spanning 38 years. A Master in Leadership, an alumnus of Leadership Victoria and Australian Institute for Company Directors. Charles has extensive experience in NFP Directorship. He is a life-long learner and sees every day as a school day.