Domestic Violence Walk 

Say No to Domestic and Family Violence

Zone 8 Walk to raise  awareness of Domestic and Family Violence


In Australia, Domestic and Family Violence (DV) is disturbingly common. It is one of the drivers of homelessness among women, children and men. Domestic and Family Violence crosses all boundaries, race, age, financial status, education, sex and the suburb you may live in.

Many victims of Domestic and Family Violence will never report their experience. With many incidents unreported, Domestic, and Family Violence may be much worse than we think.


Late November or early December 2023 is the proposed Multi Nation Campaign of Action where we will conduct peaceful walks in our towns and cities. This may not suit all Rotary Clubs, so alternatively we suggest you may like to hold a Bike Ride, Swim, Run or a Dinner.

Imagine over 1300 Rotary Clubs in our Zone with over 30,000 Rotarians combining with Government Agencies, Sporting Groups, Schools, other Service Clubs and Community members to be the voice of innocent victims and survivors of Domestic and Family Violence. Let’s be the voice of change.

Let’s get involved.
(Adapted from Rotary of Ballina-on-Richmond-District Governor Dave Harmond)