In 2022 we’ll be celebrating under the United Nations  International Women’s Day theme, Changing Climates: Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow – a theme that recognises the contribution of women and girls around the world who are working to change the climate of gender equality and build a sustainable future.
Attending the District Lunch is a fantastic way to celebrate women’s achievements and show your friends, family, colleagues and community that you support the movement for gender equality.
There are some great speakers,  and it promises to be a fun day.
Sahera Sumar:  Founder and CEO of SHEroes a not-for-profit focussed on accelerating the time to close the gap through an empowering community of women and a specialised mentorship program with women leaders around the world.
Stacey Jane: Founder and CEO of Escabags an organisation that alleviates the immediate trauma of domestic abuse by providing free and effective access to ‘Escape Bags’ whilst connecting victims with resources and agencies to continue their journey towards survivorship.
Rosemary Kariuki:  Australian of the Year Local Hero 2021 who currently works as a multicultural liaison officer for the NSW Police in Campbelltown, helping migrant and refugee women.
The beneficiary of the lunch will be the WAGEC which is an organisation that supports women and children in crisis.