In 2021, District Governor Jeremy Wright in D9675, made the appointment of an Ambassador for Empowering Women and Girls. This was in direct response to the call to action from our Rotary International President Shekar Mehta, whose passion is to empower women and girls. This is specifically in countries where the rights of women and girls are not clearly acknowledged and where war and violence, frighten families and women and children, every day. This also includes trauma close to our communities, where women and children flee domestic violence, where refugees and asylum seekers need assistance with resettlement, where women coming out of prison or surviving the suicide of their partner also need support to take that next step, to be empowered to re-enter the work force or enter for the first time.
Empowering girls means, not only supporting them, to ensure that their basic needs are met, but also working to transform the structures and institutions, that reinforce and perpetuate gender discrimination and inequality.
This award will recognise clubs which aim to support strategies that nurture girl’s and women’s developing self-confidence and empower them to make their voices heard and realise their full potential. It will recognise strategies that support women and girls, irrespective of beliefs, culture, or historical prejudice.
Participating in the Empowering Women and Girls Award enables us to support two of Rotary’s  Area of Focus: Maternal and Child Health and Basic Education and Literacy.

Benefits of being an Empowering Women and Girls Award recipient

It will give recognition to your club for its existing empowering initiatives and strategies, and the incentive to further develop these initiatives.
Empowering Women and Girls is an important and current issue both locally and globally.  Being a recipient of an Empowering Women and Girls Award, may help to better engage and tap into, the passion of your members.
Recognition of your Empowering Women and Girls Award may lead to new partnerships with Rotary clubs, businesses, and community groups in your local community. It may also attract new members, whose passion is to serve in this area.

Aims and objectives

The aim of these awards is to encourage clubs to undertake, or continue to progress, Empowering Women and Girls initiatives.
The public presentation of the Award will encourage other Rotarians to explore their own projects and initiatives in their communities, both local and global.


Projects can be local, national, or international.
The time frame is July 2023 to June 2024. A project implemented at any time during this period is eligible.
A project that was established before July 2021, but has continued into this time frame is also eligible.

Who can take part?

Any Rotary, Rotaract or Interact club in District 9675.

How to apply

Application forms for the Award will be found on the D9675 website. Applications can be made at any time in the Rotary year, but before 1 June, to allow time for processing prior to the District Changeover dinner.
Completed forms are to be forwarded to the Award chairperson, Carol Denison, who will review the submission with her committee. The final decision to approve the award will be made by the District Governor.
There will be only one award, but other projects may be recognised with Highly Commended Certificates.


The Award will be presented at an appropriate District 9675 function.

Application form click here

Applications to be sent to

Chairperson: Carol Denison RC Cronulla
Closing date: June 1