ARH Researchers
Australian Rotary Health provides funding for mental health research that can be game-changing.   Its PhD scholarships and post-doctoral fellowships have launched the careers of some of our best and brightest young mental health researchers, and its project grants have been the lynchpin of some significant programs of work. That’s great for mental health researchers, but it’s even better for the Australian community. The research funded by Australian Rotary Health has allowed us to make some significant advances in reducing the impact of mental illness and promoting good mental health and wellbeing.
- Professor Jane Pirkis,
Australian Rotary Health Research Committee Chair
Australian Rotary Health plays a key role in Australia funding research aimed at developing new and more effective ways to help people with mental illness and for training new mental health researchers.
- Professor Michael Sawyer OAM,
University of Adelaide
I am so grateful for the start that ARH gave my research a decade ago. From that initial $57,000 grant, other granting bodies supported the work with over $2 million of research support, and the federal government has
invested over $20 million in disseminating our intervention. There are now close to 50 workers practicing it in Youth Mental Health settings around Australia and we are hopeful of more growth in this space soon. Most importantly, there are many, many young people with mental ill health who have been reconnected with their education and employment, who otherwise would not have been.
- Professor Eoin Killackey,
University of Melbourne