District 9675 Governor
Dianne North (David)
District Governor 2019-20
Upcoming Events
Community Service
      Community Service Projects Chair – Liz Mackintosh   lizmack7@bigpond.com  0439-550-129
Australian Rotary Health 
To provide funding for a variety of health related research
  • Indigenous Health Scholarships – Cost to club $2,500 (over 80 students sponsored this year)
  • Rural Medical Scholarships – Cost to club $5,500
  • Rural Nursing Scholarships – Cost to club $13,750
  • ANZAC PhD Scholarship for research into PTSD
  • Hat day – Held each year in October
  • Funding Partner PhD Scholarship - $12,000 per year for 3.5 years
Contact: Greg Lil    gregorylill@yahoo.com   0431-196-043
Graffiti day
To work with local Councils to remove graffiti from public or private buildings using products which are donated.
Coordinators are required to:
  • arrange pick up of product
  • Identify team members (who need to attend a short training session)
  • Supervise on the day
  • Held annually in October
Contact:  Barry Antees   barryantees@gmail.com   0413-880-267
Dolly Parton Imagination Library
To provide children with a book each month from the time of birth until they are five.
  • This encourages parents to read to their children
  • In some cases, this develops the parents’ literacy also
  • Gets children ready for school
Cost to clubs:
  • Cost per child is $6.50 / month or $78 / year.
  • Cost for 50 children for 1 year is $3900.
  • Plan on a 3 year commitment
Contact: Sue Clark   ballyclark@bigpond.com    0402-818-075
Blood Donor drive
To encourage Rotarians and their family and friends to donate blood
  • Disappointing response in our District to date
  • It’s not that Rotarians aren’t donating, but we think that they aren’t registering on the ARCBS website so donations aren’t being counted
  • Site address is        www.donateblood.com.au
  • Register under D9675
Dream Cricket
To provide children with disabilities with the chance to improve their self esteem & confidence by playing cricket
  • Several clubs need to work on a Dream Cricket event
  • Rotaractors will assist with supervising the participants
  • The District has a special kit but the club will need to borrow/purchase others
  • Advice can be sought from clubs who have already run a Dream Cricket day
Contact: Sue Clark   ballyclark@bigpond.com   0402-818-075
Community Grants
To make clubs aware of funding sources
  • Community grants can provide opportunities to clubs eg DPIL in the Illawarra.
  • Michael Mazza sends out notices each month about grants.
Contact: Mike Mazz   mjmazza@bigpond.com   0402-012-888
To liaise with Probus in our District
  • Community club for retired persons
  • Especially for retired Rotarians
  • Meetings once per month
  • No work!
  • Person needed to assist Dick with visits to Probus clubs for official presentations etc.
     Contact: Lyn Bates   lynbates@live.com.au   0408-284-082
Solar Lights  
To provide solar lights to areas where communities do not have the benefit of being on an electricity grid and do not have access to clean lighting
  • A RAWCS Project supported by the Rotary Club of Sutherland
  • Seek donations or have a fund raiser, to support countries in need
  • Ask people travelling to countries to deliver the lights
  • Make contact with an overseas Rotary Club and set up a link to deliver the solar lights
  • Lights cost $12.00 per light - for orders over 10 units (plus freight)
     Contact: Jay Thorogood   jaythorogood@gmail.com   0488-228-882
Waterline Challenge  
Is an Australia wide event which allows teams of participants to raise money for a range of different charities to assist people, animals, and the environment to overcome adversity.
  • Waterline Challenge 11th to 17th November 2019
  • The challenge is to cover as much as possible of Australia entire waterline
  • Covers rivers, lakes, and islands
  • You participate as a team of between 3 - 10 members
     Contact: Julian (Jolly) Day   julian.day@consensus.com.au   0413-309-056