Corporate Employee Giving Programs
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We understand that many major corporations also encourage their employees to support worthy programs.
We would suggest that the Rotary Foundation, and more specifically the PolioPlus Partners program, is an area worthy of support.
The Polio Plus Partners Program is set out in more detail in the attached folder but specifically in 1985 Rotary initiated a program to rid the world of polio. To date the program, conducted in conjunction with the World Health Organisation and government agencies, and has been an outstanding success, however there are still countries such as India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria where the virus is still to be eliminated.
In response to a recent $US100 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to help fight polio eradication, the Rotary Foundation has adopted a three-year fundraising commitment “Rotary’s US$100 Million Challenge”. Every dollar given to PolioPlus during the next three years will be counted toward the $100 million match.
The biggest obstacles to eradicating polio are the underfunding of the global initiative and insufficient political commitment from the remaining polio-affected countries. It is hoped that the funding raised will allow Rotary to complete its task to completely eliminate polio from the world. All donations to the Rotary Foundation are tax deductible.