NYSF is a non-profit organisation that runs several residential programs to encourage young people in their passion for science. It is Australia’s longest running and most well-known science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) outreach program.
In 2022, the NYSF will deliver a 12-day program from 10-25 January via a combination of in-person and digital STEM experiences. 2022 participants will experience everything the NYSF is famous for, including keynote speakers, lectures, hands-on workshops, debates, expos and enriching social activities. In-person STEM visit days and events will be held over a week of the program at major city hubs across the country, enabling students to meet each other and network with like-minded peers. A continuous program of digital events will run alongside the in-person events meaning the program is accessible to all. This option also means the NYSF experience is still accessible and stimulating should there be a COVID-19 hotspot emerge or lockdown called at a hub location.
For more details and Applying for a place, go to:     https://www.nysf.edu.au/