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PhD Research Scholarship into Mental Health of Emergency Services Personnel


Emergency Service officers are regularly exposed to traumatic events, which they can repeatedly re-experience through nightmares or flashbacks. It is estimated that 10% of current emergency service workers have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The first set of national guidelines for the treatment and diagnosis of PTSD in frontline emergency service workers was recently released by a group of Australian clinicians and researchers. The guidelines explore how to treat PTSD in emergency workers and reduce symptoms, as well as the best ways to ensure the person can be transitioned back to work.

To complement these initiatives, Australian Rotary Health has announced it will be co-funding with Rotary Districts (funding provided by RESCA), a Funding Partner PhD Scholarship for research into  mental health in emergency services personnel.

Further research will look at in-depth ways to alleviate the mental health burden on our emergency services.
Latest information on PhD scholarship can be found here

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