The Rotary Inspirational Women’s Educational Scholarship 
For 2023 by Dr Janice M Hall

Descriptors: inspirational, clever, imaginative, innovative, inventive, creative.


Rotary is a worldwide organisation of 1.4 million people of action around the world. Its Mission statement affirms that ‘Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change — across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves’.

I am a proud Rotarian, currently the District Governor of Rotary District 9675 in Sydney NSW and the Ambassador for Empowering Women and Girls. This scholarship is in direct response to the call to action from our Past Rotary International President Shekar Mehta, whose passion is to empower all women and girls. This is specifically in countries where the rights of women and girls are not acknowledged and where war and violence are rampant. This scholarship is intended for those in our local communities who face challenges such as domestic violence, resettlement for refugees or dealing with the suicide of a partner, and support for women coming out of prison.  They need support to take that next step, to be empowered to re-enter the work force or enter for the first time.

Empowering women and girls means not only supporting their basic needs but working on transforming the structures and institutions that reinforce and perpetuate gender discrimination and inequality. 
This scholarship aims to nurture women and girls’ self-confidence and self-esteem, empower them to make their voices heard, and to help them realise their full potential, irrespective of beliefs, culture or historical prejudice.


  • Being inspirational, talented, gifted, clever, innovative, and/or imaginative is well sought after in todays’ society. 
  • Women and girls of all socio-economic and cultural backgrounds possess these abilities equally, and they have the potential to develop capacities for high-level performance in one or more areas.
  • Acknowledging the potential of aspiring inspirational women is a recognized method for promoting and sustaining positive change for the future.
  • By detailing the necessary support, the applicant can establish clear goals and outcomes, which increases the positive chances of success.

Benefits of the Inspirational Women’s Scholarship 

This application is open to any woman in NSW who is currently involved in study, research, or a program, that evidences women’s empowerment.  

It aims to recognize an individual who supports strategies and initiatives that empower women and girls and encourages her to further develop these initiatives, so that the voices of women and girls can be heard, and their full potential realised.

This is a $1000 one off Scholarship that is to be used to further their own personal or professional development, such as fee payment, purchase of resources or equipment, and/or a subsidy towards self-education.
The public presentation of the Scholarship will encourage other awardees to explore their own projects and initiatives in their communities, both local and global.

Applications need to be submitted by 27 August 2023.

The RIWA chairperson, Rae Anne Medforth, and her committee will review the submissions, and the final decision to approve the award will be made by the RIWA Committee.

The Scholarship awardee will be celebrated at the District 9675 RIWA lunch.